• Research into China Secondary Lead Market

    We aim to give an in-depth research into China’s secondary lead market, including but not limited to capacity, output, technology, cost and demand.
    Project Procedure:
    Analysis Method:
    We survey the distribution of China’s secondary lead capacity and structure of cost using different technologies, with capacity surveyed covering 90% of the national total. We also survey downstream samples in terms of demand for secondary lead, whose total capacity accounting for 70% of domestic total.
    We forecast secondary lead output based on scrap battery and lead slag and lead paste output.
    Period of Project
    6 weeks
    Data Provided:
    Output Growth Trends 2015-2020
    Downstream Demand Trends 2015-2020
    Cost Structure Using Different Technologies and Cost Curve
    Project Results
    A Deep Look into China’s Secondary Lead Market
    Outlook of Secondary Lead Supply & Demand 2015-2020


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