China Nickel Monthly (20161116)

Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes, Central Omega Resources and Zhenshi Group put their NPI projects in Indonesia into production with rising nickel prices and stronger NPI demand. SMM expects newly increas

China Iron Ore Monthly Monitor-2016-10(20161104)

There is still room for costs to fall at SOE mines, while private mines have little room for cost reduction. Some mines reported higher costs in Q3, though, because of rising steel prices and freight

China Manganese Monthly 20161104

Domestic SiMn alloy prices dropped slowly after China’s National Day holiday during October 1-7, and rose in mid-October. Quotes for SiMn alloy were hiked by nearly RMB 2,000/mt in late September, but

China Silicon Metal Market Monthly 20161103

Average Operating Rate at 118 Chinese Silicon Metal Plants down to 45.57% in October Aluminum Alloy: Secondary Aluminum Alloy Prices Follow Primary Aluminum Up in October

China Steel PMI Monthly

The Steel-PMI was 59.68 in October, up 4.42 MoM and 13.21 YoY. On a seasonally adjusted basis, the Steel-PMI came in at 58.07, up 6.40 MoM and 13.21 YoY.

China Copper Monthly 20161019

Copper Prices: LME copper will move between USD 4,650-4,850/mt in the second half of October.

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Besides, SMM has more than 80 steel professionals engaged in China's steel industry. They have been working on the weekly report China Steel Briefing, the monthly report China Steel PMI-Monthly, a survey of steel downstream

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