China Base Metal Briefing 20161118

Over this past week, base metals fell across the board after surging in a very short time. Chinese yuan remains on its downward track, while the US dollar has gained rising momentum especially after h

China Aluminum Weekly(20161114)

As of November 11, aluminum ingot stocks were 87,000 mt in Shanghai, 71,000 mt in Wuxi, 57,000 mt in Nanhai, 13,000 mt in Hangzhou, and 37,000 mt in Gongyi, bringing total stocks in these five regions

China Base Metal Briefing 20161111

Over this past week, base metals surged across the board, with six major products all hitting multi-year highs. The US dollar dived after Trump won US presidential election, but later rebounded stro

China Aluminum Weekly(20161107)

As of November 4, aluminum ingot stocks were 92,000 mt in Shanghai, 73,000 mt in Wuxi, 62,000 mt in Nanhai, 13,000 mt in Hangzhou, and 16,000 mt in Gongyi, bringing total stocks in these five region

China Base Metal Briefing 20161104

Over this past week, base metals fall back from highs and then rallied, and price divergence was continuing.

China Aluminum Weekly 20161031

SHFE 1612 aluminum hit its highest since October 2014 at RMB 13,995/mt last Tuesday. The most active contract experienced a brief downward correction last Thursday before returning to RMB 13,900/mt th

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Besides, SMM has more than 80 steel professionals engaged in China's steel industry. They have been working on the weekly report China Steel Briefing, the monthly report China Steel PMI-Monthly, a survey of steel downstream

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